Heat Sinks
Heat Sinks

Heat Sink

LCP serves as a highly effective heat sink for power modules like IGBT,GTO and CPU, compare to air cooling heat sink it improve the installation density, reliability and reduce the energy consuption of the heat dissipation in the same time Through finite element thermal analysis method, it make the liquid cooling heat sink faster, more accurcy and reduce the test number, which guarantee the companent reliability in their rate condition and lifecycle

Products Profile


Experiment Item Standard Routine test Type test Capability of test
Apperance / Yes
Product Size / Yes
Partial discharge IEC 60270:2000 Yes
Pressure test / Yes
weigh measurement / Yes
inductance measurement /   Yes
current rated test IEC60068-2-14-1984   Yes
cyclic damp heat test IEC 60068-2-30:2005   Out sourcing
temperature cycle test IEC60068-2-14   Yes
salt spray test IEC60068-2-11:1999   Yes
viberation and impluse test IEC61373  Class One, Standard B   Out sourcing
Creepage distance detection /   Yes
Coating Thinkness test /   Yes
Fire and smoke tests NFF16-101/16-102   Out sourcing

Testing Capabilities

Heat resistance test of radiator. Temperature  rise & flow resistance test platform for heat sink
Water immersion ultrasound C scan.  
Three coordinate measurement CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Air leak test Air leakage tester
Roughness test Roughness tester
Digital display hardness Digital Hardness tester
X ray thickness X-ray thickness gauge
Conductivity detection. Conductivity tester
Metallographic test Metallurgical microscope

Industrial & Solution

Power Transmission & Distribution

heat sink

Product description Apply into high voltage DC power transmission and transformation
IEGT cooling
The multi-stage series pressure is connected to the high pressure bridge wall.
Product feature The plane of electric contact surface is <0.02mm.
The parallelism of the two electrical contact surfaces is <0.04mm.
Electrical contact roughness <0.3um.
Surface high phosphorus chemical nickel coating.
Good vacuum brazing quality ensures no leakage.
6060 aluminum alloy material guarantees good conduction and thermal conductivity.
Precision internal and external processing ensure flow resistance deviation < + 0.5%.
The cooling medium is deionized water.

Rail Transit

heat sink for rail transit

Product discription Used for electrified train drive.
IGBT cooling
Good quality of aluminum alloy vacuum brazing and argon arc welding, meet the vibration requirements of rail transit products and pass IRIS certification.
Special equipment processing channel ensures high precision and low cost.
In parallel, design makes four IGBT temperature deviation < 2 ° C
Low flow resistance, low thermal resistance.
The channel is integrated with IGBT to ensure stable performance and life span of over 20 years.
The cooling medium is deionized water.


heat sink

Product description Applied for cooling the PCB board of 100G communication switch.
Double groove welding.
The flatness of the whole plate is guaranteed, and the tolerance ; of the contact surface ;of the element is guaranteed.
Internal burr cleaning and endoscope inspection in and out of liquid thread mouth to ensure that there is no aluminum chip, oil, acid base, etc.
Fixed screw locking ; sequence and torque setting ensure proper positive pressure size to ensure no deviation.
The cooling medium is fluorocarbon liquid.

Electric Vehicle

ev heat sink

Product description Applied for electric car battery liquid cooled heat dissipation.
Product Feature Extruded aluminum profile, after processing, stir friction welding joint.
Argon arc welding inlet and outlet.
Special processing equipment, equipment, clamps ensure large quantity, consistency.
The cooling liquid is 40%EGW.
Through the automotive industry TS16949 certification.

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