Flexible Contacts
Flexible Contacts

Flexible Contact

A contact is a conductive connector that provides contact force by elastic deformation and carries current through numerous contact points Compact structure, strong current capacity, convenient installation, widely used in various switching equipment

Products Profile

1.Saves installation space, can transmit strong current in small space;
2. Easy to realize quick break, easy to install and maintain;
3. Good flexibility, good contact resistance and low contact resistance in harsh environments;
4. Flexible connection can compensate for the position deviation generated during installation and use.

Testing Capabilities

insertion and extraction force test insertion and extraction force testing equipment
Loop resistance,contact resistance test Loop resistance testing equipment
Temperature rising test   Outsourcing
Salt spray test Salt spraying meter Outsourcing
Thermal ageing, heat vibration test Air exchange aging test machine
Coating thickness test X-ray coating thickness test
Short - time withstand current, dynamic thermal stability test   Outsourcing

Industrial & Solution

Wind Energy

flexible contact

Flexible contact
Current rate: 1000A
Temperature rise: ≤20K
Contact resistance: ≤10μΩ
Insertion and extraction force: ≤100N
Plug service life: 300 times
Max. operation temperature: 120℃
Application: 3MW converter

Power Distribution & Transmission

flexible contact

Spring contact:
Electrical parameter depends on the spring size and material
Service life: more than 10000
Application: Breaker and disconnector

Solar Energy

flexible contact

Flexible Contact Solar Energy
Solar Energy
Flexible contact
Current rate: 3×250A
Voltage resistance: 3000V/DC
Temperature rise: ≤50K
Contact resistance: ≤60μΩ
Insertion and extraction force: ≤300N
Plug service life: 500 times
Max. operation temperature: 120℃
Application: 500KW photovoltaic inverter

Rail Transit

flexible contact

Flexible Contact Rail Transit
Rail Transit
Plastic frame sprial contact
Rated current:50*n(The performance parameters depend on the number of touches n)
Temperature rise:≤50K
Contact resistance:0.4mΩ/n
Insertion force:2N*n
Plugging times:>500
Maximum operating temperature:120℃
Application:Busbar vertical docking

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