Flexible Bars
Flexible Bars

Flexible Bar

Generally using layers of tin plating copper or bare copper belt, cover with high quality PVC extruded insulation Flame retardant properties UL94-V0, working temperature-40~105℃,each layer thickness from 0 5-1mm

Products Profile

Can be easily bent and easy to avoid interference when installing, it also has a very good anti vibration performance and has a certain support effect. As the same section area it has a higher load flow. 


Single layer thickness 0.5mm, 1mm
Insolation coating thickness  1-2mm
Surface treatment Tin plating, bare copper
Total thickness without the insolation surface 2-10mm
Total section area 20-1000mm²
Insolation method PVC insulation cover
Operating voltage 1000V
Voltage resistance 1800VAC or 3000VDC last 1 mins, no breakdown
Flame retardance UL94-V0
Strength of extension 19.6MPa

Testing Capabilities

Endurance test Endurance meter Able
Release force test Universal material testing machine Able
Loop resistance,contact resistance test Loop resistance testing equipment Able
Temperature rising test Temperature rising meter Outsourcing
Electric conductivity test Conductivity meter Able
Salt spray test Salt spraying meter Outsourcing
Thermal ageing, heat vibration test Air exchange aging test machine Able
Coating thickness test X-ray coating thickness tester Able
Voltage drop test Voltage drop meter Able

Industrial & Solution

Wind Energy

flexible bar

Tin-plated flexible-bar, working-voltage 1000V, insulation layer thickness 2±0.2mm,specification8*63*1

Power Distribution & Transmission

Power Transmission & Distribution

Bare copper flexible-bar, specification4*32*1, insulation layer thickness 2±0.2.The bare copper strip is wrapped in a black PVC insulating layer, and the advantages are that it saves space and is easy to install.

Electric Vehicle

Car Flexible bar products used in battery pack of battery module connection, the structure of the battery module design decides the performance of the battery pack and security, the structure must support, fixed and protective of batteries.

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