Copper/Aluminum/Bars/Bus Bars
Copper/Aluminum/Bars/Bus Bars

Copper/Aluminum Bars/Bus Bar

Copper and Alumium Bar is a large current conductive products, it could be use in low and high voltage electric appliance, contact terminal, distribution system bus duct and other electrical engineering, it is also widely used in extra high current electrolytic smelting engineering such as metal smelting, electrochemical, electroplate, chemical caustic soda

Products Profile

Copper, aluminum bars all have good conductive properties, which are widely used in power transmission and distribution, power & electronics, and electric car field. Moreover they also have good mechanical properties, which are different from other kinds of conductive connector. Therefore they can also be used as structure units. 


Sawing plating blanking ±0.1
numerical control turret punch press ±0.3
CNC bus bending machine. ±0.7
CNC hydraulic press brake ±0.5
waterjet cutting machine ±0.5
wire cutting machine ±0.02(low-speed wire cutting ±0.005)
CNC ±0.01
CNC milling machine ±0.02
Digital controlled drill ±0.1
digital controlled lathe ±0.01

Testing Capabilities

Endurance test Endurance meter Able
Release force test Universal material testing machine Able
Loop resistance,contact resistance test Loop resistance testing equipment Able
Temperature rising test Temperature rising meter Outsourcing
Electric conductivity test Conductivity meter Able
Salt spray test Salt spraying meter Outsourcing
Thermal ageing, heat vibration test Air exchange aging test machine Able
Coating thickness test X-ray coating thickness tester Able
 extension/yield tensile machine Able
elongation Universal material testing machine Able
hardness  hardness tester Able
Voltage drop test Voltage drop meter Able


Other Specification

Surface treatment of lap joints Bare copper, tin plating, nickel plating, silver - coated sand spraying.
Product insulation method heat shrinkable tube Voltage resistance 600-35KV, temperature resistance -40℃~105℃
Spray epoxy powder Max. coating 1mm, voltage resistance 10KV
anodize Oxide coating 50 μm

Industrial & Solution

Electric Vehicle

Operating temperature: -40℃~125℃. Specification: T6 Aluminum bar 

A layer of 0.1mm thick pure nickel plate is welded on a layer of 1060-0 aluminum plate, it is widely used in the battery moudel connection, which can effectively prevent the electrochemical corrosion caused by copper-aluminum bonding, also it has very good vibration resistance.

Wind Energy

T3 copper plate
The IGBT module connecting plate in the power distribution cabinet of the wind power tower is processed by the process of the mold punching and forming.

Power Distribution & Transmission

Specification 40*10(R5) Current carrying-630A

For gas insulated switchgear, it is the expansion of high-pressure GIS in the medium voltage project. It adopts T2 copper material, which has strict requirements on the overall conductive performance and surface quality.

Solar Energy

copper aluminum busbar

Used in photovoltaic inverter cabinet, rated load current 70A, product surface sprayed epoxy resin, withstand voltage ≥ 800V.

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