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Bevone is trusted for producing high quality and low price flexible conductors. Flexible copper pres welded connector made out of braids or laminates are used in a variety of electrical equipment. Flexible copper belts could be customized or specified acc

Products Profile

The products have the ability to protect the safety operation of 400A~6300A circuit through the breaker. 


Single line diameter: 0.07mm, 0.076mm
Single sectional area 0-300mm²
Faying surfaces forming method Press welding
Dynamic and static bar forming method Saw, milling, machining center
Surfaces treatment Bare copper, silver plating, copper plating
Welding method Hard-solder, ERW, diffusion welding, induction welding.

Testing Capabilities

Meet the requirement of 10000~20000 times mechanial endurance test
Meet the requirement of 5000~10000 times electrical endurance test
Meet the requirement of temperature rising

Industrial & Solution

Power Distribution & Transmission

Power Transmission & Distribution

Widely used in the High-speed train, bullet train, subway switch cabinet, architecture distribution box & switch cabinet, electric nest, wind energy and other power transmission and distribution.

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