The charging connector can quickly and safely connect the electric vehicle to the power supply device, and the contact parts of the rotary spring socket are used to provide a good and stable electrical performance Complete the charging process of electric vehicles The AC charging connector increases the reliable electronic lock structure, cable temperature monitoring and so on The DC charging connector optimizes the size of the handle, makes the handheld more comfortable, and improves the security function through the soft glue process Increase the reliable electronic locking mechanism, cable temperature monitoring and so on

Products Profile

1. Products comform to GB/T20234.2/3-2015
2. High strength cable fastening structure, avoid the cable accident out of the charging process, improve service life.
3. High quality terminal material, high conductivity pin, reduce charging loss and improve charging efficiency.
4. The new design of the falling water structure ensures the smooth discharge after the accident.
5. More effective temperature detection function, to meet the requirements of customers, the selection of NTC10K or PT1000 temperature sensor.
6. Special mechanical locking device can effectively prevent the product from being inserted.Equipped with signal feedback device to detect whether the electric lock is working properly (alternating current)


Nominal voltage 250V/440V AC 750V/1000V AC
Current rated 10A/16A/32A/63A 80A/125A/200A/250A
Operating temperature -40℃~+80℃ -40℃~+80℃
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ Min at 1000V DC 1000MΩ Min at 1000V DC
Voltage resistance L1, L2, L3, N and PE>2500V AC;   L1, L2, L3, N>2500V AC; DC+, DC- and PE>3500V AC;   DC+ and DC->3500V AC;
Level of protection IP55 IP55
Flame retardant rating UL94-V0 UL94-V0
Insertion and extraction force <100N <140N
Mechanical life 10000 times (no-load) 10000 times (no-load)
Terminal temperature rise <50K <50K
Self-locking device signal feedback normally closed switch   0/1 signal
Self-lock device respond time   t<600ms
Self-lock device parameter   12V DC, 3A

Testing Capabilities

Voltage resistance GJB1217A   GB/T 11918
Insulation resistance GJB1217A   GB/T 11918
Contact resistance HB 5874  SAE J1742
Engaging force and Separating force GJB 1217A
Contact insertion & Separation GJB 1217A
Mechanical life GJB 1217A
Mechanical Vibration (outsourcing) GB/T2423.10-2008
Impact (outsourcing) QC/T 413   GJB 1217A
Salt spray resistance GJB1217A
High temperature Test GB/T2423.2-2008
Low temperature Test GB/T2423.1-2008
High low temperature cycling QC/T417-2001
Water-proof test GB 4208-2008
Humidity (outsourcing) GJB1217A-2009
Temperature raise (outsourcing) GB 14048.1-2012
Flame retardant rating UL94 V-0

Industrial & Solution

Electric Vehicle

BPHI(125~200A)apply in battery, electric control; BPHI(16~80A)series apply into electrical vehicles, air condition, steering system,battery charger and DC/DC.

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