Braided Copper
Braided Copper

Braided Copper

Using single small diameter copper wire regularly compile forms certain crosss-sectional area of conductive connector products, which widely apply in the field of high voltage and vacuum of electric appliance, explosion-proof switch of mine and vehicles

Products Profile

Excellent flexiblity: Outstanding shock resistance and can be outspread for 360°.
Nice conductive performance: capability of carrying higher current voltage and lower loop resistance.


Specification single line diameter: 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm
cooper wire surface
Tin Plating, bare copper
weave method: Roundness, Square
Single sectional area 0-300mm²
Total cross sectional area 4-1000mm²
Faying surfaces forming
Pressure welding, Copper tube pressed
Faying surfaces treatment Bare copper, Tin plating, Silver plating.
Product insulation method Heat shrink
Temperature resistance:-40℃~125℃
Flame retardant: UL224 VW-1
Voltage resistance: 600V, 1KV, 10KV, 20KV, 35KV
Heat shrinkage ratio: 2:1/3:1
Halogen-free, environmental protection and low smoke, conform to ROHS & GB/T30512 requirement
Temperature resistance: -50℃-200℃
Flame retardant: UL224 VW-1
Voltage resistance: ≤10KV
Temperature resistance: -10℃-200℃
Flame retardant: UL224 VW-1  
Voltage resistance: ≤7KV

Testing Capabilities

Experiment report Endurance test Endurance meter  
Release force test Universal material testing machine  
Loop resistance,contact resistance test Loop resistance testing equipment  
Temperature rising test Temperature rising meter  
Electric conductivity test Conductivity meter  
Salt spray test Salt spraying meter  
Thermal ageing, heat vibration test Air exchange aging test machine  
Coating thickness test X-ray coating thickness tester  
Voltage drop test Voltage drop meter  

Industrial & Solution

Power Distribution & Transmission

briaded copper

210mm² bare copper square braided wire, current-carrying: 630A, press Silver plating copper tube. Machining special-shaped hole on the faying surfaces.

Wind Energy

briaded copper

150mm²  tin-plating  braided wire, current-carrying: 300A, withstand voltage:2.5-7KV,press tin plating copper tube. Surface sheathed emulsion silica tube.

Electric Vehicle

braided wire

50mm²tin-plating braided wire, current-carrying: 250A, withstand voltage:2500V-DC(60s),press tin plating copper tube. Widely used in BAIC MOTOR and CATL,and so on.

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