1. Social responsibility concept

a Protect labor, respect human rights, integrity management, safe operation, green manufacturing. 

2. Stakeholder management

a) Listen to the voice, good stakeholder communication, helps us more systematic risk identification and management of social responsibility, improve the ability of sustainable development, to achieve our strategic goals

3. Resolutely eliminate corruption.

a To the present location, no corruption has occurred.

b Signed the business code of conduct with the cooperative enterprise, revised the supplier management process, and signed the sunshine undertaking.

4. Guarantee information security.

a We have a large information security server, and we have invested 450,000 Yuan to establish an information security firewall.

b  So far, the user information leakage event is 0.

5. Respect human rights.

a Respect basic human rights, guarantee property rights, privacy, civil rights, political circles, social and cultural rights, and protect the rights of indigenous people and other minorities.

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