Environmental Protection


1. To develop green energy, and to install 7056 pieces of 255W photovoltaic power generation components in 2014, with a total capacity of 1799.28kw.

2. Implement comprehensive energy conservation reform.

a Use the waste heat of the air compressor to heat the bath water and save the electric energy of the welding machine in the year.

b Reduce travel, and use video or teleconference for remote communication.

3. Economize and optimize the resource utilization, improve the management plan, continuously strengthen the key energy-using units, and control the key energy consumption equipment.

4. Legal compliance with emission control.

a Strictly abide by the environmental protection law and treat waste water properly.

b Comply with the requirements of laws and regulations such as the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste of the People's Republic of China and the measures on waste management.

c Greenhouse gas management, including monitoring and monitoring, as an important indicator of environmental performance.

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